Higher Standards Of Energy

KAYRA ENERGY is first and foremost a technology company, and every year we devote more than $1 billion to various research and development activities.



It is important for us to reach the correct solution to your requests; Also, our generator groups are sold with the warranty of procurement of auxilary equipment during 10 years....



Oil Type Transformers are manufactured between 50-20000 kV powers and maximum system voltages up to 36 kV. The three-phase standard types oil, natural and cooled transformers can be used both internally and externally....


AG Panels

We believe that panel manufacturing requires engineering knowledge and approach. Our business organization structure is divided into three departments: offer preparation and project department, sales department and production department. Our personne...



Working in the field of energy, electricity and construction the company supplies broad range of products and provides technical service to our customers. Furthermore, our company offers commitment and consultancy as a solution partner to our clients.
Kayra Energy determined his mission as foreseeing the needs of the sector and continuing production in international standards with increasing customer satisfaction becoming a leader in the sector.
The aim of Kayra Energy is to maintain his production by using high quality raw materials and technological machines. This way Kayra Energy aims to achieve customer satisfaction with supplying products which are manufactured and tested with reliable methods. The vision of Kayra Energy is to be a world transformer brand.


  • Batum Build Fuarı

    Ülkemiz bünyesinde seçkin firma olara 2015 Batum Fuarında bulunmaktan menun olduk.

  • Power Kazakistan, Almaty

    Enerji,Elektrik,inşaat alanlarında uzman kadromuzla sizlerle beraber çalışmaktan gurur duyarız.İş hayatınızda başarılar dileriz.

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